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We think students always learn best when they’re having fun, which is why all our activities are designed to give your students a really good time. Our activities are run by our superbly popular animateurs. They are specially trained and experienced in creating an environment, where pupils feel comfortable speaking French and making mistakes - they make sure your pupils enjoy themselves so much, they don't even realise they're learning! Instructions for each activity are given in French (but safety instructions can always be repeated in English) and the pupils are encouraged to speak French at all times. Our own worksheets reinforce the French they’ve learned by providing them with key phrases, vocab, exercises and puzzles to complete at the end of each activity.

Below is a list of activities and outdoor sessions available. They all provide the perfect environment for students to feel at ease using French and include the learning/practice of verbs, actions, directions, instructions and vocabulary relevant to the immediate environment.

Traversée de la Baie du Mont St Michel (Bay Walk)

walk accross the bay

Accompanied by a qualified guide a walk across the Bay of Mont St Michel brings to life the legends and history of this famous landmark. Follow in the footsteps of generations of pilgrims as you learn about life in and around the bay, and admire the UNESCO World Heritage Site from a unique angle. Careful of the quicksand though!

Kayak de Mer (Sea Kayak)

Kayak/Radeaux (Kayak/Raftbuilding)

We offer you to practice this activity along the river La Sélune, which leads us to a splendid view of The Mont-Saint-Michel. The kids will practice games in French and they will be told how to advance with our experimented guide. As usual, French is the order of the day. Students should be confident in the water, but they do not need to be excellent swimmers.

Fabrication du Pain (Bread Making)

Everyone loves making things they can enjoy and eat later, and even more so at La Grand' Ferme because we combine bread baking with singing French songs! Primary school pupils love getting covered in flour, kneading their dough and enjoying their tasty treats later with their evening meal. A hands-down favourite.

La Chèvrerie (Goats Cheese Farm)

Goats Cheese Farm school trip excursion

A legendary visit amongst our schools. Tony is passionate about his life as a farmer, his goats, and the delicious cheese he produces with their milk. This is a memorable visit guided by Tony himself, it includes learning about the production of cheese on a small, non-industrial scale, with the highlight being the opportunity to groom and feed the goats, maybe even to help milk the goats - all rounded off by a tasting. Bon appétit!

Initiation au Cirque (Circus Skills)

Circus skills

Brilliant for learning a whole variety of French vocabulary and phrases, from the names of circus tools to the actions themselves, as well as more basic things such as colours, numbers and prepositions. Your animatuers will teach the technique alongside the art of circus skills.

Découverte d'une Ville (Town Trail)

Town Trail

Discover the historic town of Avranches with our purpose-written town trail, following in William the Conqueror's footsteps!  Weave your way around the hill-top town following clues and directions in French, learning about lots of different shops, buildings, and road safety. At the end of the trail why not practise your French and treat yourselves to a refreshing drink in a typical French bar!

Vélo tout Terrain (Mountain Biking)

V.T.T (Mountain Biking)

Our mountain biking routes take you around the edge of the bay of Mont St Michel, using the paths trodden for generations by the pilgrims and fishermen heading out onto the sands. The views are great, and the hills few and far between!

Course d’Orientation (Orienteering)

Students will be taught map reading in French using orienteering games and courses in the grounds. As well as using French language for features, directions and map symbols the team orienteering challenges will involve other French language quizzes as well as finding the control markers.

Chasse au Trésor (Treasure Hunt)

Treasure Hunt

Staying on-site at la Grand' Ferme you have to find as many objects as possible in a set time - starting with a list of 30 items you will need to communicate lots of French with your team mates in order to find the treasure before anyone else!

Escalade (Climbing)

Escalade (climbing)

On our own purpose built wall, pupils take it in turns to climb whilst those not climbing take on the role of instructor, or guide. The ‘guide’ directs their partner in French using the appropriate constructions and vocabulary for directions and body movements/parts. At the end of the session, your animateur will help your pupils to fill in their workbooks, revising sentence constructions and vocabulary used during the activity. Harnesses, helmets and other necessary safety equipment is supplied by the château. There is a small charge for climbing of £10 per pupil.

Char à Voile (Sand Yachting)

Sand yachting

Everyone can discover the joys of this activity, with wind in the sails and a magnificent view of Mont St Michel - weather permitting! Previous experience is not needed as the circuit put in place by the instructors allows all participants to acquire the necessary basic skills for sand yachting, in a safe and secure environment.  This activity is at an additional charge of £12 per pupil.

Parcours d'Accrobranches (High Ropes)

High Ropes

How better to appreciate the beauty of an ancient forest than to follow the 2300m of this stunning high ropes course in Northern Brittany. Different circuits for all levels, moving from tree to tree, amongst ancient oaks, with all the necessary safety equipment adapted to the size and age of participants,and guided by experienced and supportive staff.  The cost for this activity is £14 per pupil.

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